We transformed a brand. We automated operations.

We created a new brand and website that provided a powerful B2B extranet solution.

Sperry Product Innovation

Sperry Product Innovation is a product development company that specializes in the development of patent protected products. They partner in product development with a “Shared Investment, Shared Success” process that maximizes R&D dollars and increases sales and profit margins.

SPI needed a new branded website and a way to support project collaboration with multiple vendors and strategic partners.

We created a new responsive design website that promotes SPI’s rich history, successful products, careers, and role-based access project collaboration.

We migrated over 1 million records from localized Microsoft Outlook accounts into Google’s G-Suite offering. We re-architected the company’s file management systems into a private cloud sync’d with Google Drive, providing role-based access, via the new SPI website, to strategic partners and their shared files.

We captured the essence of SPI’s bright light of innovation and translated it into a beautiful brand, scalable website, and collaborative extranet.

We created a cohesive brand and empowered collaboration with ease. We enabled SPI’s innovators, engineers, and designers to create patented technology, growing into a billion dollars+ in protected product sales.


We promoted products. We connected collaborators.

We created a clean, yet colorful and whimsical website, engaging partners and supporting collaborators.


We connected collaborators.

Strategic vendors and partners can simply log in to the SPI website, where they are redirected to their shared files.


We empowered a team.

The team can quickly collaborate anytime and anyplace, speeding up ideation from concept to reality.

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