We created a cohesive brand and scalable in-office and virtual practice.

We designed a colorful ring of services, encompassing Dr. Schwartz’s vast experience, patient offerings, and sunny San Diego location.

Designed a cohesive brand and empowered patients to schedule sessions on the go.

San Diego Psychologist

Dr. Derek Schwartz, a San Diego psychologist, combines psychotherapy, biofeedback, and hypnotherapy to maximize therapy effectiveness and create a truly “integrated practice.” He treats adolescents, adults, and the elderly.

Dr, Schwartz needed a brand and platform to support and engage his patients.

We empowered Dr. Schwartz to publish blog posts and service descriptions, increasing his search ranking and engaging his audience and patients.

We designed and built the website with a new logo and brand, providing patients with the ability to sign up for in-office or virtual sessions.

Simplified communications, introduced content marketing, and added virtual sessions, improving the overall patient experience.

Session Preference

In-office or virtual.

We empowered patients to choose their session preference, on the go.

Virtual Session

Accessible from anywhere.

We integrated virtual sessions, enabling the practice to provide patients with a convenient and affordable option requiring no travel, gas or traffic, reducing time and effort, and simplifying scheduling.

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