Reinvented an existing brand.

We injected new life into a plateauing brand; we made the deadline on a tight time frame and tight budget.

We elevated a business by transforming a brand and automating marketing.

Mekko Graphics | Identity

Mekko Graphics


Mekko Graphics, founded in 1995, is a premier leader in strategic charting. They found success in supporting business consultants by empowering them to influence their clients via robust and insightful charting. While sales and renewals had continued to increase, we identified an opportunity to enhance plateauing traffic and conversion by engaging and elevating new customer relationships.


With limited time and budget, our goal was to highlight strengths, elevate opportunities, and reinvent plateauing areas of the brand and website. We engaged new and existing customers with a clean design, simplifying the display of valuable content in an accessible hierarchy. We prioritized free trials, support options, how-to resources, and the online store. We recommended an opportunity to define, design, and direct three customer segments: strategy, marketing, and finance consultants.


We completed an aggressive four-week project. We collaborated with the marketing consultant to strategize website taxonomy. Following, we created new type and color palettes as the base foundation of the new brand. We instilled a modern and clean design with consistent grids, margins, and compositions. We revitalized the logo, clarifying a Marimekko chart as the key mark, modernized with the new type and color palettes. We built the new brand on top of the WordPress platform, empowering the marketing consultant and Mekko Graphics staff to support and make changes to the site, independent from developers and regardless of skill set.


We elevated the prestige of the Mekko Graphics brand, while enhancing the function of the website and automating content marketing.

We invented a new brand and strategy with content marketing campaigns. We increased publishing frequency, while simplifying marketing efforts and targeting a high return on investment.


Responsive brand. Scalable management.

Before & After

A clean and modern design elevated their bottom line.

We rearchitected and prioritized content, based on customer needs and strategic business opportunities. We displayed more information in clean, elegant compositions.

Mekko Graphics | Email

Email Marketing

Empowered brand consistency and frequent content marketing.

We designed and developed a strategic inbound marketing system. The strategic templates empowered Mekko Graphics to stay on-brand and engage often. We also created a robust auto-responder strategy to re-engage customers across multiple touch points and cycles, including first-time purchasers, renewals, support follow-ups, and best customers.

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