Created a brand. Informed an audience.

We captured the essence of a yoga teacher and practice, creating and expanding a brand into print, digital, and social media marketing channels.

Photo Library

Presented a practice. Published poses.

In our discovery session, we identified the need for photography in combination with a succinct information hierarchy. We carefully captured the natural personality of the teacher. On top of the photo library, we built engaging headlines and subheads with primary vs. secondary action buttons.

Building a Brand

We led with discovery, followed by design, development, and direction.

In the discovery session, we interviewed the teacher and students, identifying brand descriptors, differentiators, customer segments, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. With priority and great accuracy, we presented our hierarchy of recommendations and began building the brand, designing, and developing. Rosey Jaffe provided editorial insight and helped with writing and copyediting; while Mary Galli contributed her striking illustrations.

We provided enterprising solutions on a budget, growing and connecting an audience.

Jenn Duran Yoga


Growing teacher and yoga practice needed to have a succinct brand and a dynamic way to notify students about class schedules.


We saw an opportunity to create a brand and leverage open source platforms, keeping operational costs low and functionality high, growing brand awareness and traffic.


We led with discovery, then created and curated design, copy, illustrations, marketing and notification strategies, and photography into a powerful brand that represents the yoga teacher’s personality and her practice.


We captured the essence of the teacher, classes, and students. The new brand started as a glimmer of an idea and was driven from concept to reality, unifying a community.

The teacher can now publish unlimited classes, covering all studios, as well as notify students about events in one click. She can publish with ease and frequency, informing her audience and building a brand community.


We created a unique and organic website.

Full-screen photography, supported with engaging content and a calendar by location, empowered students to find classes and stay connected.

Jenn Duran Yoga

Classes by Location

Simplified students’ searches for classes.

MINDBODY is a great app that helps students find studios and studios find students. However, it lacks the ability to help teachers simply promote classes across multiple studios. We built a solution with a geolocation calendar that provides a snapshot of all classes and events.


Unified a community.

With a popular quote from the teacher, we empowered students to be brand advocates via a T-shirt design.

Socially Connected

We engaged students with content and classes.

The teacher is able to notify her students frequently, empowering students to stay connected with classes and events.

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