We refined, streamlined, and expanded a brand.

We created a new logo, typography hierarchy, and color palette. We directed and published the strategic brand throughout print, digital, and social media marketing.


Responsive brand. Scalable management.


We created a clean and clear brochure design.

We engaged customers with accessible insights into the brand benefits and services.

Designed a cohesive print and digital brand, unifying marketing channels.

Gabler Sustainable Body | Brochure

Gabler Sustainable Body


The current business, Gabler Alignment Method, was experiencing low brand recognition and sales.


There was an opportunity to rename the business and defragment the current brand by refining, streamlining, and expanding it into a more accessible services across print, digital, and social marketing channels. We needed to engage more customers and elevate business opportunities into sales.


We led with discovery, defining brand descriptors, differentiators, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We defined the unique selling proposition, service offerings and audience definition, uncovering emotional and functional benefits customers experienced from the services. Following, we built a strategic marketing plan, logo, typography hierarchy, and color palette scaled into print, digital, and social marketing campaigns.


Elevated customer engagement and empowered the business to rapidly publish an on-brand customer experience across marketing channels with a robust template system.

We doubled revenue by empowering frequent content marketing and building the online bookings engine.

Gabler Sustainable Body | Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Socially connected. Consistently branded.

We prioritized consistency across social media outlets, interconnecting marketing channels. We empowered the business to publish services, news, events, and videos with a single click across all channels.


Scalable poster template.

We empowered the client to create, on-brand, event posters with ease.

Email Marketing

We drove traffic.

We designed an inbound marketing strategy that empowered the business to publish often with ease. The marketing strategy and templates increased traffic and online bookings.

Gabler Sustainable Body | Email

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