We created a cohesive and scalable brand.

We engaged fans and connected marketing channels, providing a consistent user experience.


We provided a comprehensive style guide for marketing channels.

It was key for the Delta Generators to keep their fans up to date and in the know by instantly publishing information about new shows and events. We provided a digital style guide, enabling the band to easily and consistently make updates, on brand.

Designed a cohesive print and digital brand, unifying marketing channels.

Delta Generators


The Delta Generators had achieved much success within the international blues community. They needed a cohesive look and feel to consistently engage their fans on brand. We created their brand, overhauled the design, and unified a visual system to promote their signature sound and quality.


There was a large opportunity to empower the band to publish once, with a single click, through multiple marketing channels. We wanted to streamline their efforts when announcing new shows, selling products, and engaging fans with giveaways, while maintaining a consistent look and feel.


We created a new engaging and cohesive brand including an identity, color and type palette, brand style guide, CD, website design, ecommerce store, beer glass and coaster, social media marketing, poster, t-shirt, email outreach templates, and content marketing.


Elevated customer engagement with a succinct brand. Empowered the band to rapidly publish an on-brand customer experience across all marketing channels with a robust brand template system.

Improved the overall customer experience and simplified communications and content marketing with a powerful brand template library and content management system.


We created a clean and immersive Digipak CD design.

Rich colors, customized stylized photos, classic typefaces, and distressed design elements, make up and reinforce the Delta Generators new brand.

Delta Generators | CD


Responsive brand. Scalable management.

We empowered the band to sell their music and merchandise directly from their website. We prioritized a powerful design, optimal user experience, and dynamic functionality, all while maintaining SEO friendly metadata along with full integration to social media.

The band can instantly announce a new event or show and publish a new photo or song from one platform, dynamically publicizing to multiple channels, including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Bands in Town.

Liquid Branding

Coordinated marketing efforts with a local brewery, inventing a Delta Generators beer.

The band severed their custom brew to their fans at their CD release party, offering the beer glasses and coasters as takeaway gifts.

Delta Generators | Social Media

Social Media

Socially connected. Consistently branded.

We prioritized consistency across all social media outlets, while interconnecting all marketing channels. We empowered the band to publish products, news, images, songs, videos, and events with a single click across all channels, allowing the Delta Generators to keep their fans in the know.


Scalable poster template.

We created an on-brand poster template that the band can edit and maintain for future shows and events.

Delta Generators | Poster


Custom designed T-Shirts.

We designed T-Shirts to evolve fans into walking band and brand advocates.

Delta Generators | Email Outreach

Email Marketing

Inbound marketing strategy.

We invented and designed an inbound marketing strategy and system to help the band keep their fans in the know, growing their fan base and increasing show attendence.

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