We created a brand and website for a major motion picture company.

The elegant typeface compliments the rich and bold colors, promoting the ‘O’, that represents a chockstone and their insightful lens into peak performances, scripts, and major motion picture production.

We created a new brand and website for a major motion picture company.

Chockstone Pictures

When Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz sold Schwartz Communications, they started a movie company. They were happy with the achievements of the Schwartz Communications brand and website that we created and enlisted us to brand Chockstone Pictures.

We wanted to provide them with a website that was easy to maintain but would also compete with other major motion picture company websites.

We provided a way for Chockstone to easily and frequently publish news and events, as well as new movies and trailers, all within the beautiful new brand.

Chockstone Pictures has created seven major motion pictures and has been able to promote and publicize them to the world via their new brand and website.

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